#FTOTD: Fogged

“The date of our first kiss / the date we went to the hotel” (poolside, we were by the pool is all)

Marking the dates down is a massive indicator of terrible – as exam dates close in, do you realise how grave a mistake we are committing? Selfishly, it might have been delightful to know that they were not forgotten – but objectively, ultimately, no. This is wrong.

Getting involved, you and i – both have better things to be doing, different goals to be achieving and targets to be meeting. Yet here we are at an intersection point, our lives a standstill – yet at the same time, a rocketing arrow so eager to take off in every direction, because the opportunities are endless and spontaneity’s at its best.

But I’m not. My steady effort to build myself up is coming apart – all that i was certain of myself previously – does not feel like it’s there anymore. The root cause of uncertainty is from the external environment, which conversely affects the security internally on my mind.

Take you out of the equation, i can see everything clearer – i can be better, i can continue being me, learning to be independent and self-reliant. Self sustaining, like a plant. My energy ecosystem wouldn’t have been reconfigured.

This is not the best of myself, i can only see me fading out into the shadows to assume a role that floats.

I really need to get away from here – this is the only way I can get away from you, from losing independence, from being unsure of who i am.


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