#FTOTD: deepest fear

What if today was your last day on Earth?

In twinkling rapid eye movements through the early hours this morning, i found myself caught in this dilemma. A few hours before the day comes to an end, learning the Earth was going to self-destruct and all the humans didn’t have autonomy over their fates. This sounds nonsensical, kinda. But there were so many heart-stopping moments. Was it a bomb going off from beneath, was it every single thing turning into stone, or a comet plunging itself into the Earth’s core?

As electricity supplies slowly cut off, watching the artificial lights igniting the city going out – the sight was horrifying. In a grand hotel’s lobby, i walked to the bar wanting to grab a last cup of chai latte… only to notice how the cafe has been deserted, lights out and lifeless. Like the movie ‘Click’, time chooses when it wants to ‘fast forward’ – and the next moment we realise it, this was the last five minutes to our expiration.

Running out of the hotel as i received a message from my sister, i tried to dial for her – only to be disconnected each time. It was chaotic outside: people stranded on the field, running around as if there were invisible forces attacking from above. The phone signal died – in the last minute: i was scrambling alone. there was no time to send out texts to loved ones telling them the most important words. out of breath and ideas and optimism, the helplessness left me close to tears – and the objections and helplessness escaped only as muted gasps and shaking the head in protest, moving around directionless.

So this was my rendition of the end of life, with regrets.
No chai latte forever. Lost and alone. A ton of unspoken words.


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