#FTOTD – Sinking in

It feels strange that i wake up on the upper deck of the bunk bed, and the space feels a little too big now – nobody’s blanket to tug and ask to wake up, no exploring new grounds and fascination to everything around. i think i managed pretty well out there in world university – making more friends out there than i ever did in uni-uni, learning to survive and assuring myself I’ll be okay in uncertainty.

Then there’s this familiar sight and climbing up and down and even though it was spinning into a routine, ’tis something i’m already missing.

For now the books are calling – today i woke up to the fluster of two consecutive papers, and… there is not much time left; and even less for feelings to be sorted out.

Overall i have been tremendously blessed with how everything unfolded, even if it were just for a short while. There are many people i have to thank for this trip!!! 😊



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