metaphors and a looking glass

If this WordPress were to exist physically, it would be, i imagine, a muddy pond at the road side. Made of raindrops – tears from the sky, tainted and filthy – just as jaded is the inability to be cleansed of cynicism, abandoned and dull; because moments like these are perfect spawning grounds for loneliness – or optimistically, introspection and inspiration.

The last day of 2016
Screams, yelling, crossfire, crying, packing and scurrying for an escape – the insanity was eating into my mind. left home in the late afternoon, sandals broke – only to have an old, kind soul notice and insist to repair it with what he could. that left me confused: did it break my heart or was it the tender tugging at heartstrings? with a repaired pair of sandals that sufficiently functioned i walked to the reservoir to dedicate an hour to time for reflecting on the year and penning the thoughts down, both sound and unsound. Basking in the evening sun and slightly dreadful of having to return to reality, albeit the agenda being, to meet the primary school friends for barbecue and countdown. Strangely things evened itself out and the night unfolded to be a wonderful one and i wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The first day of 2017
was enjoyable: merrily into the wee hours of the morning we were drinking, devouring a soulful and curious conversation, and then walking for about 2 km to the nearest Macs for breakfast. the fatigue kicked in, headed home to sleep – but before that could happen we went for brunch as a family. went back home, caught some sleep, woke up to pack (see, it never ends) before going out for dinner with Adrian – Bobo’s treat! Joel came along and then we went to Adrian’s after that. Winding down the day with an indie playlist on speakers in a home was therapy enough, so much that i almost didn’t want to leave when we had to catch the bus home.

The second day of 2017
feeling as if one were violently hauled back into 2016 – dysfunctional, raging, misunderstood, unheard, guarded, exhausted, fearful, we’re back at it again.


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