Income gaps and a view from the middle of nowhere

Between upper middle income and high income families, the difference prevails with age.

In childhood, the upper middle income gets to go for few good holidays with the family – measured by the little available time that the parents could spare. The high income families fly further, and spend more lavishly, the parents afford more to make up for the same little time

“You can be anybody, do anything you want when you grow up.”

No, not if you lack the resources to fund your education abroad. As we grow older you learn  that the Earth’s revolving is not centered around reasonable explanations, nor scientific ones: the glow of green you see through images from the satellite is not land, it is money.

If you are in the upper middle but nowhere near high,
You cannot go away unless your education abroad is funded by a scholarship.

Your wings are clipped – the invisible constraint weighs down so heavily, almost like a cling wrap against your skin.

“I can provide XXX amount for your studies abroad.”

As easy as they say it, money does not bind their feet. Parents can provide you with a way out, or a way up. You will live in comfort, be well-clothed, have everything you need and want, sometimes everything but content, or even content.

There is no need to spend sleepless nights pondering over how much longer it would take before we can renovate the house, before we can change the car and maintain the status, and grow to be stoned in your child’s pleas for its wings to be unclipped, because every choice made is paid for with another.

I don’t know which part breaks my heart the most: funerals we host for shattered dreams, the clipped wings and knowing why the caged bird sings,


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