Miles, a part

A very very merry congrulations to the news you were greeted with this morning!

although, i wish i heard it from you rather than finding out on social media through other people’s congratulatory message.

It’s fantastic, that the painful months of wait and not being able to return home are finally coming to a close for you – convocation and the next chapter of life awaits you back home. And your little princess, and family.

as the work and school and hours flying by continue to pile atop what i is within my reach, our conversations seem increasingly distant – and i fear that this is the drift. Through the year i learnt how to be less dependent on others for emotional support, and i think i coped pretty fine. And then you came here, literally. Yet one chance of meet opened a wave of day-to-day conversations from general passings, world affairs and to vulnerabilities and irrational woes. I’d be cheating to say I’m fully self-sufficient this year, that i am emotionally independent, because the refreshing conversations was altogether positive energy gathered.

So if we stopped talking some day, dear friend, i am truly thankful for you coming into my life, for every irreplaceable smile and laughter you have filled my days with, no matter how negligible a thing or short a span of time you may have thought it to be.


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