#FTOTD: Plazein

1. Limbo:
No time to pause and ponder
these days

2. Sighs:
Like farts,
A release for all unhappiness that cannot be contained

3. Intolerance:
An ascending scale for the negativity moving outwards

4. Sanity:
All that we’re losing

5. Alive:
Barely above death, just as not daring is barely above fear.

6. Opinions:
Because everybody only wants their voice to be heard in an increasingly disquiet 21st century

7. News:
As with print media, is dying – what is new, really, if the trending trends phase in and out even before we know it? Like the cycle of industrialisation and globalisation rolling from country to country, sector to sector

8. Morality:
Increasingly rare to find when everyone cheats or manipulates

9. Beliefs:
Or rather, dis-.

10. Asylum/Sanctuary:
Despite all the seeking, one can only find it within – because nowhere in this crumbling world is safe anymore. Maybe that’s why people go insane, their minds have drifted out of this world and shrivelled deeper in, whichever way you choose to see it. Or, like everything, they are, themselves, and oxymoron.

11. Jaded:
Whereas, jades are beautiful.

12. Thank goodness the door is dead,
for if it were human and family its cause of death would most likely be a full cardiac arrest from our irresponsible doings and taking it for granted, loosely slamming or banging it as and when we please.

Nothing matters anymore, really – ‘packing’ is the priority, not education. ‘you’ don’t matter, others do. your indecision is because of the decision that has been imposed. the more you want a reaction – even one driven by fear – my indifference and disdain will only grow. the ones you love the ones you push away, further. and one day should you realise that your skipping stones no longer create a ripple in still waters, you might realise that others have gone too far away – so much that they might never come back.

This year, like all others, sucked.
For a long time i have not been filled with such an immense dread ‘going home’ – so much to the extent that i yearn to never go home if i could.
(house, actually, because i can’t recognise home anymore – lights do not guide me there; it is the obligations to fulfil that leaves me dragging my reluctant feet back the same stretch of road, to the house on the left.


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