filters, and

Today at work the duty manager and i had a very long conversation lasting through the day: featuring a diverse, awkward – unusual array of topics.

“Are you attached?” – No, not a need
“What type d’you like?” – Adventurous, an avid reader.
“This one can or not -? Yes, available” UHHH
“Do you get angry often – what are you like when you’re angry?”
“You are damn weird” to almost everything and shit talk we were having
“You are damn lame” – but you’re still… walking
“I can’t stand stupidity and stupid questions” – that’s why you’re seating.

“But it can’t get worse than …” – oh no, don’t say that! if you do, things would get worse unfailingly – murphy’s law takes its chances whenever it can.
“why do you say that? have you been through something dark??” – no, it’s just murphy’s law at work, really.

indeed, it couldn’t have been weirder for a first… conversation??

“But are you interested -??”
As the work day came to an end, Kim and I were on to the conversation about the pen pal from Bhutan – and then we discussed lots and lots of things but it was all blur – whizzing past in confusion as the food coma sank in…. And then there were times my answer was default, when in reality it might have been the contrary. here’s where paranoia kicks in, refraining from saying a great deal of things for fear that verbally addressing it would summon murphy’s law to destroy everything.

On the bus and engrossed with Plath
Page 75 and through the tunnel – dozed off
till i missed a stop

Good news was having an arduous two-month wait finally coming to an end today, ceremoniously washed away with immense relief. a drawing stowed away for almost two months – like memories in a sea of thought – finally reached the rightful owner;
i am only delighted that it has arrived safely and is in good hands.
Yet, why is it of utmost importance to me,?

despite having something else scratching my mind bare somewhere in the back, today was altogether a good day.

The other night i dreamt i was in the mountains, decked in three layers and surrounded by white-dusted lush greenery and wooden structures: two horses, humans and the liberating fresh air for you to inhale, as if an all-you-can-eat buffet. “i dreamt of you!” – i hoped to say, but dreams, leave them to be as they are.


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