On a lady’s night

The only dates I can afford to go on are those with myself, because I know just the right amount it takes for me to be happy and complete.

On a wednesday evening, ar a less than crowded shopping mall in the hearth of the city, i had myself a 4.99 bowl of salad by the water fountain. Majority of the people who walked past or sat around were couples holding hands or sharing their food. Here i am, with a book on poetry (Woman Reading to the Sea by Lisa Williams), munching away to the pounding sound of water on water. Without any earphones.

i think, imagining the setting wasn’t in a mall, but by the sea, and having myself immersed in a sea of thoughts and observations enabled the striking of a balance within: and warmth was internal. It hasn’t been like that for awhile, but i feel alive, despite a six-hour marathon of classes.

I probably won’t feel like this when i arrive home, but for this moment, i am thankful to know that my soul isn’t dead-dead.


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