All in a day’s work

First, a pounding head.

Then, a breaking heart.

A mask shattered, and i can’t decide what this feeling is.

Suddenly, i can’t seem to be too bothered with life and life on this place anymore – because the more i invest, the more i lose myself in it: my mind, my heart, my hopes and dreams, and my feelings, my optimism, my love for everything.

It’s okay, really, this whole being alone-alone thing. As much as i am growing to be less attached – more alone in thoughts, i have never wanted, so much, to be away from people – no matter how close or closely related or how much they mean to me. I think over all these months of the past year that haven’t been too eventful, i’ve learnt to rely on myself a little more, and as much as things around have constantly been subjected to change, one thing in me has always remained the same – granted one wish for anything in this world, i would not have my wish differently.

Is that a scary thing – am i going mad – ?
it seems like every year i put myself in some sort of wreck/reckless issue and this year is no different.

不要问我, 好吗, 因为我一点都不了解自己的心思。答应我


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