Been having flashbacks of fall and winters in Perth. i miss that, a lot. Running around fields, Climbing up odd pieces. Admiring the vastness of things. Not wanting days and journeys to end, because you never know when will you chance upon a day like that again.

Finished up on Lonely Planet’s Tales from Nowhere. So many people have gone the offbeat road in search for an answer or an adventure. In a drift through uncertainty and suspension was the irony that they were on the move. Did they find what they wanted to, in the end: perhaps. Not explicitly, at least. Some places were but pictures, prior to arrival at the destination. But to the majority out there, these places would remain a 2D picture, never a destination. Where do i stand in this: was going to nowhere something i’d attempt? One day. Maybe like these individuals, i haven’t got a clue on what it is i seek out of this journey. Or, trudging fearlessly into ambiguity might shed some (en-)light(-enment) and clarity in approaching life.


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  1. globetrottingteen · October 5, 2016

    Nice post

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