1. It’s a perpetual struggle to refrain from giving a bit of one’s heart away to each person met, don’t you think? – As with time and exchanges of perspectives and ideals.
  2. Back to the existential crisis (which is perhaps slightly more severe than the one on identity): coming to terms with the ultimate purpose in life.
  3. How does one condition emotions?
  4. Is there any other solution – apart from being detached – to refrain feelings from amplifying itself to be so overwhelming all the time?
  5. I need to learn how to forgive and be kind despite how some people simply crush the faith in humanity and trample on it.
  6. Also, thinking about how O’s attached and him previously saying that i wouldn’t be third wheeling if i were to hang out with him and his dog – i take all the thoughts back. big fucking joke, mx, for thinking you might actually be okay with that. before handling people and people relationships the very thing that needs to be done is sorting your thoughts out first.

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