Social good, fuelled by bloodied bad

Do you want to know the realities of a social enterprise?

Social enterprises and NGOs are often not-for-profit.
They claim their objectives are to ’empower social good’.
You may almost stereotype and attribute positive/kind traits to people who carry out philanthropy or are part of such organisations.

my journey thus far reveals the extreme end of the spectrum – hello from the other side.

no, not all social enterprises or NGOs are not-for-profit. some are actually profitable firms – up to 30% or something, they say. fair enough. but when do you consider it going overboard?
– “richer, the richer the better,” that’s what she said – when she has got so much riches, but is willing to give out none.

’empower social good’ – let’s not rule out the possibility of its alter ego being quite the opposite, because cliche quotes constantly remind us to expect the unexpected. – “oh, if these people donate, they get good karma, and with good karma, they will sleep better. so they will continue to donate.”

a friendly display of politics, a person who mends you like their dolls, navigating through by name-selling as if money instantaneously grants you the command for respect. worst even, fretting superstition and auspicious conventions, yet a personality/entity that leaves others with no path to take – the only option is the one that has been handpicked for you: that is, to be the bad person liable while he/she escapes from the responsibility on their deeds.

this is not a generalisation, but of a specific firm. and i believe it isn’t the only one out there that sustains on exhausting the good of people. i don’t think that’s what ’empowering social good’ actually means, but if this is how it is defined, my conscience screams.

Fickle kindness is deceit. For 2.5 months i have tried my very best to keep calm and carry on. With barely 10 days to the end of a really disappointing internship – today i am torn between
letting go of weeks of accumulated effort, tolerance, and
holding on to something so pretentious.


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