Many things have been happening of late, but there hasn’t really been a time to sit down and thoroughly clear them all. is it strange to liken myself to a phone, and the haunting thoughts, dozens of apps running in the background? The irony though, because it’s a desk job that i’m occupied with and i’m sitting down mostly, but no, these thoughts just speed through and on and on, like a never-ending bullet train.

Over the last few weeks, i realised i kinda dislike going out on the weekends – because it feels like the two day rest just got a tad shorter. So much for quality time. Don’t get me wrong, i love my friends, and i am truly thankful that they’re kind to make time for meet ups.

But then somehow it feels like there’s no time to recharge, and the energy tank i’m running on is that carried forth from the previous week. To make matters worse, there is no coffee – no life blood for revival and restoration.

So here i am, running on autopilot. again. perhaps this is but a defence mechanism to deal with how fast each day passes and how time is barely within our reach, but one that brings its own set of cyclones.

In other news, last night’s dream took me to the US, and we were in cave learning about rocks, about landforms, about limestone. Oh Geography, how i miss studying you.

Here’s today’s fleeting thought of the day:
As much as you can, don’t get into anyone’s bad books. 


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