A little piece of heaven, no more

so this just happened:
for awhile now, at the place i am working at, i like to go one floor up to have my breakfast while admiring the view of trees and greenery that stretch out into a distance. consider it time off from hours of staring strenuously at the computer. this area is just outside the Save the Children office (who owns the whole floor).

it’s about a month since this has been going on, and whenever expats walk in and out to the pantry and the restroom they are always very warm, and a mutual “good morning” is exchanged almost immediately.

however, today was different: as we were eating our food, one of the local staff came out to tell us off that the whole floor (including the area outside the toilet and their pantry) was off limits i.e. we don’t want to see you up here ever again. shortly after, another lady (local, too) came out to repeat what her colleague said earlier on, emphasising that they’ve “got the whole area covered”.

i don’t think i’ve ever been this upset in awhile, or i try not to.
i find it odd – there is no one there to appreciate the abundant flora and fauna given the best view. i’ve spotted hornbills and bird nests which would have been otherwise rare to see over here. and something so free and basic as to inhaling nature is something that we are restricted from. that place momentarily takes things off the mind, is there naught at all for sharing?

it is strange – how do they define children who needs saving? the last few weeks have left me more baffled than before, and today, nonetheless. Are people in NGOs truly kind, or are they simply taking up a job that requires them to be *seemingly* kind?

Are we not children to be saved, too?


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