The fact that you cannot please, nor help, everyone, is still difficult to digest, like a boli of sawdust gagging at the throat. Is there really nothing we can do to lift their spirits, just a little?

When i was 15 i learnt that one should be careful not to use the word “okay” when a person wasn’t.

When Tuesday came to and end, the most i could do was to notice and tell that person to “hang in there, because tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

I would’ve said that I’ll be there if you wanted to talk, but i decided to stop there : draw the line, for fear that i would create a reaction similar to that of touching the leaves of a mimosa pudica. Or worse, mislead a person.

Pondering and pondering, here’s another question that’s been wandering on the mind right now:
If the world is constantly changing, how do we measure how much of the world we’ve seen?

Perhaps, implausibly infinite:
It never ends.


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