Dreaming enig·ma

Been having more dreams surrounding the idea of travel and wandering around cities of late. Maybe it really is a sign.

Last night i dreamt that i was in the Philippines with dad, and i was off venturing around alone: through a narrow alley, in search of a hidden cultural heritage, an area called The French Colony. after a right turn and three rights, i made a left turn into yet another confusing trail, which felt almost like i were entrapped in a labyrinth. Oddly, as i delved deeper in, instead of cafes and baguettes displayed i were greeted with Korean restaurants. how peculiar. I left the hotel 10 minutes before 11am, and then soon it was 12.30pm, i met mom back at the alley where i made the left turn.

The night before was dreaming of staying alone in Hamilton hotel, which was odd: it seemed that the premise was previously property of the Hilton group, and the shifting and redo of rooms were a work in progress. In my room, there was an old Hilton bed – placed a little in front and away from the bed which i chose to sleep on – the new Hamilton one. The city’s bright lights shone through the full glassed windows.

They probably don’t amount to any sense at all, but i really hope that i’d have a place to escape to and that i’d have my travel plans sorted and figured out before i come to a conclusion on things.


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