Surprise-d! Indeed. more excited for June, for when I see you again, for knowing that this wouldn’t be a struggle of long distance.

Today’s flutter by of a memory was of us walking from Artistry to Bugis the last time we met before you left for Scotland once again.

And then there are times during the exam period when you came as a random thought through my mind – of the stifling surroundings, if I could choose a free day out with anyone when all I wanted was to be alone.

Over food, laughter, conversations that know no ending. And for a moment the worries pressing against the walls of the mind ease.

The months apart reinforces that this friendship is dense, it’s special to me, and indispensable. In times I couldn’t fathom – and yet I could only envision all the memories we shared, for they have been nothing but happiness and content. It is more than the food and drinks – this friendship has so much more meaning to it than words could piece together.


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