Waltzing hallucinations

It is so great a thing to receive tremendous support especially in a crucial time. perhaps my limited knowledge of words as of now cannot rightly translate my feelings into grammarly thoughts – but the camaraderie and dynamics of the last three days was quite a pleasant surprise – and spectacular.

But all good things, have to, come to an end – and this one, no less.

Of course – that draws a substantial amount of reluctance for the paper to end – I know, it is a strange thing to say. Curiouser and curiouser,
even if people who crossed paths in your life were a source of strength for but a short period – did it cross your mind that the impending impact they have could be a short, but great force?

Even with a break off the laborious hitting of books for the day, this thought has been echoing in the mind. Perhaps I have gone mad, with a lack of control in the replaying of memories of the past three days, over and over again, its intensity, its speed twice or four folds faster than how time actually went, but oddly, a more accurate portrayal of time. It seems like the mind is still running, like how the laptop has been, without a breather and no escape from memories and a sea of them all. With the space allowance, the feelings are amplified, as if greedy to fill up all the space within its reach.

That drives me mad, my emotions drive me

The number of reminders to myself that some people will be but acquaintances – or perhaps, like perpendicular lines, will only cross our paths once in this life, no matter how positive the collision is.

Feelings – they are better to be chained than allowed to combust as fierce as the orange, red, yellow and blue of flames.


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