In excess, in-access

Nature is such a hard thing to find here: For the past hour i have been wrecking my brain, thinking on where I could wander and escape for a couple of hours – but to no avail. You are bound to see people, the presence of humans invading everywhere. Where could I go to catch aeroplanes land, and take off? Is there a place that, when i look up from the book I am reading, would be a view of surrounding greenery – not a concrete jungle? Closing my eyes, i tried to visualise what it was that i wanted. I wanted to watch the planes come and go, I wanted a view of abundance, of impeding nature as how it deserves to be – not prevalent invasive man-made.

Watched The Great Gatsby for the nth time last night, and Paper Towns for the second time this morning. If only there was an ‘Agloe’ on the radar, where you could go, where the population is one. If you could be in the small humble home amongst the mansions in Long Island. Anywhere, anywhere but people. It’s a little like eating clean; avoiding the carbs and less-healthy – only, in terms of man.

For days now, the vague visions of India has sped through my mind like a motorcycle traveling from the bustling heart of the city, to the changing landscapes of the suburban transit to the vastness of nature be a background to the rural.

Much as these little momentary escapes provide the comfort of a little hut in a haven of imagination, it makes me sad.

For fates we cannot change, for having to deal with reality, for the need to accept things and ‘grow up’.

All i want in a day to wind down is to escape to somewhere I can divorce my present identity and who the heart crazily desires to be, to reflect, to un-cloud, to be clean, and find the right door to clarity.

Why do i draw so much? I am an escapist, and it is therapy to me – with my hands i can imagine all the places i could be, when inertia locks you down. I draw, because reality falls short of ideals. I draw, because drawing gives me the chance to dream of better times. I draw, inspiration from drawing.

Life should be way more wonderful
than what it is today.

High up above, well down below.


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