In the month of May, “Can do”

5th. 21 more days to go, three weeks. And then after that I would be off for a three month internship – the longest I have ever taken on. That means prolonging the travel drought for another three months. I hope that when September comes I could either cover one country before the holidays end, or – my claustrophobia towards this tiny piece of land would ward off a bit, at the very least.

Mixed feelings towards the internship because of the uncertainty and certainty. – office job: three months, indicative enough whether this is something I’d be able to withstand and commit to in the near future. I’ll be damned if my inability to sit still is disruptive.

Nonetheless, I certainly hope I’d be able to learn and learn to apply the skills I would be acquiring! Sustainability, community, environment, awareness, and philanthropy – a start up! That means I’ll be busied, and honestly I am thrilled for that.

That said, gotta conquer the first and foremost hurdle: exams. Bane as it is, I think I really want to get it done, rightly.

Slightly bummed that I’ll be missing out on learning the ropes with The Travel Intern – because it’s something Eli’s shared with me sometime back and I’ve been eyeing it ever since. Slightly envious of Chong Ming and Samuel – but nonetheless happy and excited to see the great pieces they would produce. Exams! I bade my opportunity farewell for you!

Dammit, stop the nail-biting, quit letting anxiety possess you! 😪


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