Epiphany moment

Blank of knowledge within the walls of my mind an idea popped abrupt and unexpectedly:

During the holidays, to collect slips of papers that writes what people would like to share to the younger ones, or perhaps, the story of their life summed up in a line; so that we could give it away later to the needy/less privileged, or perhaps a random person we meet on the streets.

This idea is altogether, a sum of reading Wild, having Cheryl Strayed’s mother repetitively saying how “we’re not poor, because we’re rich in love,” throughout; as well as The Artidote being such a lovable and empowering page, and to add to the fact that you do not need to have a “kindness week” for the sake of being kind. Yes, a bit like a pay-it-forward, positive vibes sort of initiative.

Taking it one level higher is to implement it even in travels: instead of making brief conversations with passer-bys, people who’d probably cross our paths once in this life, why not take something along with us that we could remember for ever? Immortalising a moment as such might just be the very best of a souvenir to the heart.

I have plans, and they keep me fidgeting in excitement! I can’t wait to attempt it, honestly!
Be it from home, or during travels – transformational this might be!


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