The way i miss you

I took him to the river and said “let’s watch something drown,” So he took a stone
and I took my necklace
and we threw it all together,
the way I always think I will get better in July. Things will change and sounds won’t ache
and I gave my heart to uncertainty so many times, and so I took him to the river,
threw the necklace in the river to slowly watch it drown, or burn, or fade away
like I’ve done so many times.
― Charlotte Eriksson, You’re Doing Just Fine

At a little desolated island, we challenged one another to see how far the rocks we threw would go
The ‘plop!’ sounds we so eagerly waited to hear.
I miss our weekly crib hangouts, and suppers, and living like there was nothing we had to worry – only to make the most out of the little time we shared, before we all de-
part and go our separate ways again.
It doesn’t seem to bother you, or her, or them – our minds are very much inundated in the daily routines of school, of breathing, of staying afloat – i hope you know that all of you are like the shooting stars of a meteor shower, but only in my mind. every day and night and seconds that tick by.


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