For The Wind

Simply because two minutes does not render a sufficiently elaborated reflection, I am back here for the second time this evening.

As Sunday draws itself to a close, ending with the moon reigning the night sky…. I realised there was something day had, which I lacked: a definite
closure. So here’s this week’s one, my own to call.

The stress kicked
in, on Wednesday.
Its growing presence had scared the flame within to be put out: life.
A smaller appetite or none,
The unattractiveness of fun and entertainment that continued swooning like social escorts,
and yet the body stayed

On Friday we learnt to communicate;
and in non-verbal languages
micro-expressions were a component our faces understood.

As how the subconscious speaks to the conscious of what it whispers,
I tried to apply that fresh crisp of knowledge in what i felt on
the gestures, the subtle movements and eye movements
I accidentally gave myself away too, i believe.
Uncontrollably. In split
seconds, i make sure it was hidden, so much, that it might have escaped your glances.
Waiting at the bus stop and little conversations held so gently by the heart, pretence was the only sense there was, in a mask to musk the awkward encounter and questions that were fired at us. Chasing stars, blindly walking in the dark and working on that night vision, it became strange
that we could attune our eyes to see slightly clearer, almost comfortably,
in the dark.
My photos were paid for with the precious seconds that ticked by,
for five,
And the service in exchange was the provision for experience of fail-
ure and fail-ed shots of overexposed, light-polluted, night skies.
Yet in the cloud and the pseudo-cloud on the catchment, the purple and pink were nice and mesmerizing;
its reflection fell so graciously upon the surface of the dark waters
and the illusory seemed to be in an illusion of its own.

On Sunday i woke up in a house that barely felt like home,
so i fear i might have misplaced my heart.

I guess that’s how my week was, if anyone bothered to find out.
It lacks balance, promotes excess, and yet abandoned the most vital organ to stay somewhat drained and dry. Here’s to another start of the week, but the days that go by now
they are but the days left until we bid each other
farewell once more.


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