Maximising minimals

With so much in mind, too much to process, actually, turning 21 seems burdensome. That’s about a month and a half from now, or something. But i realised I don’t want anything. I don’t need anything. Is that contentment there? Or containment?

With times as such where cash isn’t rolling in excess, the mood to celebrate is non-existent. As with exams just around the corner: a great deal of my mind yearns for it to be taken seriously, to buck up and step up. Celebrations – they are secondary.

Given the chance, i would prefer to be away, overseas, some place else exploring nature and the unfamiliar terrains and acquainting myself with mother nature and the animals. But no, time is tight too: where’s the freedom and time for traveling in such crucial periods?

Resources: they are scarce. I do not have time, do not have the means to finance, nor do I have any mood to spare. But a part of me demands it so much, it’s started a forest fire in the brain. Yet, there is containment – not contentment; at least while friends and pillars of strengths are still around.



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