Reduced, reduced, reduced.

A birthday: an evening, a few hours. Family time: weekends. Family quality time, with the phones.

Celebration: dinner, movie, a rushed cake cutting. Family: A sister abroad, a brother barely at


A dad who works round the clock, a mom caught in the mad rush;

Like the rabbit in Alice

and a daughter whisked away in Wonderland. Funny,

whimsical, family. But quite the


The want to draw and paint the colours for her life / The rush for time / The lack of strength

to summon Yet the mind kicks and hurls

Too old and a desire to escape from reality


So she chose a book to read In desperation

craving badly for a star, A world of Peter, like none other

In the midst of terrorising thoughts and a forest fire burning within

Monsters beneath come out to rule the night:

Reduced, you are but


Is it possible to want to be alone when one is already alone?

Life without the souls in it



As we sink and revel in our





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