Meltdowns and burnin’ out

The past week has been terribly draining – it is only Thursday, and there is three more days to survive through. Perhaps it’s because Sunday wasn’t quite so smooth as it should have been; or that it was back-to-school this week and having to get used to three hour long classes and lessons has been quite a challenge. I guess all these could be factored as the external environment.

Internally, I seem to be having some sort of ongoing battle, with my thoughts, with sorting the thoughts, with thinking things through. Bitterness brewing for awhile now, disappointment, questioning priorities, and… contemplating life. Somewhere in the mind, the looming uncertainty of cash and self sufficiency floats about.

It feels very much like a tumour sitting on all the sensitive nerves that could burst anytime, this upcoming Statistics resit on Wednesday. I just can’t wait for it to be over – perhaps there might be some progress after it all.

Friends? What is that? Can eat one or not?


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