Chasing Cars

Would you lie with me and just forget the world /

In a state of some sort that warrants me to retract back and slightly cringe when I see you. Counting down the dreary days until we would reunite was a programming of my subconscious. But today, I see you right before me. Scanning the room to see you and hiding/camouflaging in groups of people, pretending, at times, that I didn’t see you: it warns me that something’s changed/changing.
I might be afraid of how people would see it/us/this; but… shunning. Slightly dreading? These feelings are foreign. And slowly I am losing my excitement for Monday, because we’ll be having lunch together, before heading back to Perth. I fear what is to come, and having to face the jarring reality is one of those confrontations I really yearned to avoid at all costs; at any, and everytime of my life. Sigh, here lieth another dilemma. In every form of dilemma or delusion, all these could very plausibly be explained by a very simple, but cold, hard, truth: I have gotten past that phase and those feelings have faded.


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