There’s nothing much we can do, except to pray.

But who do you pray to, when you don’t have a specific God up there to listen to your minuscule problems? Comparing with the greater issues like world hunger, disease outbreaks, and natural disasters. To provide you the security you desire, to provide you whatever you have, and to elevate your social status by merely having a religion that you’ve adopted.

Divine intervention : A term for a miracle caused by a deity’s supposed active involvement in the human world./
Definitely not something I’m keen on – what if you have no religion? What if you’re a believer, not of gods, but of the world? What if you placed your faith in yourself, and not leave it in the hands of the gods who are busy attending to millions billions and trillions of insecurities that people are too cowardice to attend to and face? Can you say, firmly, “I believe in myself” ?

Faith and insecurities, why do people only bother to continue trashing it in the sacred hands – and not place it in their own and try to assert themselves for once?


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