A mere rant in a scholarship application, towards a dissatisfied life

In less than a month, I will be turning 20. For this year’s new year resolution, this is the mantra I have chosen to follow: “When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.” – Kim McMillen
Perhaps much of my life has been clouded by uncertainty in this bustling city, but there is certainly one thing I wish to accomplish in this lifetime – that is, to continuously contribute back to society and my community, to the best of my abilities. While some people seek guidance from their religion, my inspiration (and aspirations) is drawn from nature. In times of adversity, I would, without fail, turn to drawing (it is my passion), which often provide me with time for introspection and hence, insights and better self-awareness.

With regard to my community, I would like to think that I could perhaps inspire others to realize that individuality is not a bad thing, and rather, they could perhaps embrace their differences and flaunt it. Singapore is a pragmatic, realistic society which grooms its students through a rigid structure of education despite stressing very much on innovation. With that, the government fails to acknowledge that apathy is a negative by-product it is breeding: since efforts by individuals to protest against the system proves to be futile, time and again. The world needs less apathy – and conversely, we need more care, compassion and kindness. Our country has a population of five million, but five million is huge enough to create an impact on Mother Earth. Whether a negative or positive one, that depends on how we choose to take action.
By nature, humans are all self-centered. Call me idealistic, but I truly hope that people would one day realize the glory of giving without expectations of receiving, and how it has a multiplier effect in society. Rather than merely focusing on getting pass each day and aiming for a life of comfort in the four walls of a flat, or an apartment, I wish to get others in my community, to work towards not just helping the needy in Singapore, but also overseas – perhaps those who need more love, care, and concern than the ones privileged here in our homeland.
I wish to cultivate pro-activeness towards caring not just for people, but for animals and nature too.

In pursuing a better 21st century, a less polluted Earth, and a more peaceful society, there is much to be done. My idealistic thinking alone would not suffice to create an impact so big as to shake the world as Severn Suzuki’s speech on the environment did. But with optimism, alongside setbacks I overcome, I hope to inspire the younger generation, the future leaders of the world. To be able to lead as a Youth Ambassador gives me the opportunity to strive even greater heights through interaction with other nationals, learning about their culture, backgrounds and gain insights as to how we could involve ourselves in building a better society. For awhile now, I have been thinking that sometime in life, I would like to reach out to those in less accessible and less-developed areas by providing them with inputs and education. The GVN Foundation Youth Ambassador could perhaps guide me towards this goal. Having been through a phase of devastation and darkness; Surviving an internal battle of the mind against the darkest thoughts, I hope that the GVN Foundation Youth Ambassador allows me to empower others who face similar torment. The Singapore government is quite tight on this – their refusal to acknowledge it as a prevailing issue among youths in my community is evident. But what others ought to know is that, they are never alone, in this battle they go through. It is a personal choice.


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