Through the rock glass window

I used to climb out of the window and sit in between the walls of the balcony when I was a child, for curiosity sake. When bed time was 10 pm and my parents were often out attending seminars till late. After being doubly sure my sister and my nana were fast asleep, I’d put my socks on and change my pants – indemnifying myself from bringing dirt to bed. Sometimes I’ll be scampering to and fro, peeking into my neighbour’s house; but on less adventurous days, I will plop myself in the corner, and gaze endlessly into the night sky, and at the mesmerizing moon. The peace and quiet provided the solace I yearned for, and despite being so small, I felt free. But as the years past, the presence of this little retreat grows weaker, and slowly, it becomes a parallel to the life I lead. Yet, so many times, I’ve searched for a place as such, to no avail.


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