But Ms DuBois is having her shower

Have you ever turned the heater on, settled on the cold floor tiles of the shower and just… let the hot water fall (like a waterfall) endlessly? Pair it with some Japanese zen music and it’s good to go as a spa. But seriously, the pitter-patterly drops that fall on your head, breaking into a thousand microdroplets – permits you to shut the world out, shut your eyes, and focus on nothing, really. How peaceful is that? Sets your mind free, unknotting all problems for a split-hour. Strange that I indulge in the weirdest activities ever and find contentment in them, but lately I’ve been taken in to it; unfortunately, there never seems to be enough hot water, which runs out always before I am ready to part from therapy. A little longer and I’d probably find myself waking up in the shower the next morning, drenched in the piercing cold water.
And like Blanche, we were perhaps craving for that one thing that is forever unattainable, to seek peace and comfort within.


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