More than what 10 bottles can possibly result in

Where a thousand whispers chorus into one, right here.
The time to part, when it arrives, is my greatest weakness – for I have grown to be attached. Nevermind the day or few days,  it is the memories carved within the mind and heart that matter most.
Perhaps it is because of their ability to create the effect similar to that of drugs; temporary highs, and a distraction – from loneliness, or from the destructive voices within. 4 hours before farewell, 2 hours , 1 hour, 45 minutes, 30, 15 … and then 5 before the final goodbye.
Everything feels surreal. His presence here, the few hours of weird-om, the skyhigh moments, the cooling down period, and then a blur instance, it all goes back to reality, normalcy.
And now, another memory to rewind to, which overwrites one of those not-so-happy times. Like how the song is on replay by default,ever so until it starts to become excessive and surfeiting – which is never.
Perculiar, the symptoms reveal it to be more like a hangover rather than a withdrawal.


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