20 facts about me and beyond.

Lately this tagging post has been making its way around insta again and I decided to do it once more.

At first it took me an hour and a half thinking about which facts about myself would be interesting and engaging, struggling to come up with 20. But then as the list progressed, I realized that 20 wasn’t going to be enough. Yet, with it being on social media, I didn’t want it to be too personal either. Since this wordpress is mainly used as a ground for my personal stance and voice (and sometimes rant), here’s a few other headers, centered around perspective, that I shall add on to the list of 20 already provided.

+1 Strongly believe in giving as much as you can.

If there’s nothing to lose, and if it makes others happier, why not give and share with others? Always with the mindset of optimism, positivity and service. I value gratitude very much – and hence contributing back to the society which kept me sane and brought me up.

+2 perhaps it’s the trait of a Piscean, call me idealistic, but I like to retreat to sanctuary.

Alone-time for reflection, for daydreaming, dreaming and wandering. Escaping to moments free from worries, and impromptu ‘getaway’s. I like to think I’m away from this little garden city. I quite enjoy getting lost too, for it gives me an excuse, and opportunity to get to better understand myself each time round.

+3 Always, always wondering what I would’ve been like in another era.

I don’t think I quite fit in anywhere here; and that brings me to thinking what if… I belonged to another century, or era, or society. Strangely attracted to the 1900s, and the Victorian era, and a flambuoyant time and revolution of the American Dream, drawn to classics and classicals . Would I have sentenced myself to be confined to societal norms? Would I be a daring girl living by the countryside, in search for a life of adventure, growing in the liberation of nature’s cradle? What if I were drowning in the shadow of poverty? What if I were born with a silver spoon chucked in my mouth? Or what if I were to busy engaging in vices, jaded by life’s judgements, living the lavish life of a famous (or rather, infamous) social escort?

+4 Throw me into the woods, I believe I will be fine.

Hundreds of times, this scenario fills my mind with thrill and excitement. Each time round it turns out differently – what if I were to find myself at the edge of a cliff? Worst things worst, I’d just end my life there – unknown to anyone and everyone, leaving no trace behind. That’s something I wouldn’t mind, for I know that if I were to fall, it would be back into Mother Nature’s embrace. scary to so many of you, but suicide is indeed a thought that seems perfectly normal. To me, at least. On another note, I once dreamt that I got to converse with the bears, and wept alongside them over their loss of a loved one too. And on crazier days, being eaten alive by the bears; at least I was a hearty meal, I hope. And on a more aggressive day where it’s all about survival of the fittest, it was a setting stolen from The Hunger Games, involving tree climbing and hunting, and action.

+5 Not a fan of the big fat ‘I’

Perhaps it denotes confidence in speech, of self esteem, but it demands attention from all to you, immediately. Not something I’m ready for; while being in the limelight may be enjoyable for awhile, it could very well become a burden in the next, for it restricts you from leaving the stage as and when you wish to. Also, the big ‘I’ contrasts greatly to the insignificant, small ‘you’. Sometimes it’s not just all about us, but attention should really be given to these people who are often forgotten due to their minute presence. And when used excessively, it conversely implies that there is no interest for others, for this myopic focus lies on ‘me, me and me only’. dude, shut up and take a moment to listen to others. More than often they have something interesting that you possibly never knew of.

And so, there you go, 5 facts about a boring person.


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