It’s been two and a half months since my last post, and very, very much has happened. Perhaps I could skip all of that and share events of greater significance, which is namely, the recent trip to Western Australia. Initially a holiday to visit my sister darling in Perth, these 12 days (26.05.14 – 06.06.2014) encapsulates one of the best experiences and memories ever, of great spontaneity and generosity.

Day 1 –

Leaving for Perth at 12.45 pm and Touchdown at 6 pm. Attending an introductory to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), where my sister volunteers as a leader to the children on Monday evenings.

Day 2 and Day 3 –

This marks the start of: a) My hunt for highly recommended cafes in Perth (Reference made to UrbanSpoon) and b) Shopping marathons in Perth CBD with the Street Malls and Harbourtown. Indeed, the coffee I have tasted live up to their reputation, along with their service and the cozy setting, as winter makes its way through.


Tiger Tiger café, 329 Murray Street on 27.05.14 (Takes about a 10-15 minute walk from the heart of the street to get here, but I guess you could say it’s worth it (-: )


Because… sketching is mandatory!


Moana Coffee somewhere along Hay Street, unit 816 if I remembered correctly, taken on 28.05.14.

Coffee here was good but the blend was a little too light to my liking – the milk was overpowering despite having 2 ristretto shots. But the food looked pretty tempting, and it is an excellent place to chill. They show great support for their local arts scene too!

 Day 4 – York, WA’s very first inland settlement

Woke up at 5.50am to catch a bus so that I could be at the East Perth Terminal by 7.30 am, having booked a ticket that brings me to York. Bus departed at 8 am sharp, and the journey was an exact 1.5 hour bus ride, stopping at Midland Station along the way.

Slightly disappointed upon reaching because I honestly, really expected more, despite having been warned beforehand by fellow Aussie nationals that there really is nothing much in York… but all trips are worth it to me and this one shouldn’t be discounted either. 🙂 This place seems gloriously aged with its Victorian infrastructure well preserved and attended to. Yes, it seems like a tourist spot, and ideal for retirement, but it brings along a warm, fuzzy feeling with kind inhabitants and an odd sense of familiarity, being such a small town with a population of about 5000. Since I had 5 hours to spend, and I was a little dazed considering the lack of sleep and being (slightly) paranoid of my surroundings (with the mind entertaining wild thoughts of kidnap on foreign ground). Highlights are below:Image

Avon River’s Suspension Bridge rebuilt in 1980s by convicts



A very friendly policeman… ( I solemnly swear I’m up to no good 😛 )


The iconic more-than-a-century-old churches


The coffee hunt continues even outside Perth’s CBD… York Mill Café has really good medium-strength coffee! Beats Jules’….



And of course, its signature Town Hall!

Got back to Perth City at 5-ish pm, just as the sky started turning dark… the short days of winter, ho hum.

(To be continued…)




















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