Sorry but I’m not sorry

Just crossed the two month mark of working at the information counter; And for two months now there’s one particular issue that is increasingly frustrating to deal with – scammers: people who go about asking for donations as if they are contributing to a certain organisation. Yes, I may not be a law-abiding person, but I have my own set of moral values. I have zero tolerance for people who go against it and that’s enough to piss the shit out of me (figuratively) but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to see it, or experience it.

Lately I’ve been warning these people to leave immediately before I call the security (even though it’s not part of my job). Of course, they’re not happy – because it doesn’t reflect very nicely on their side, they lose potential donors, and they cannot get things done. But I’m not happy either. I mean, firstly, to these people who are asking for money, I’d like to ask – Where’s your goddamn conscience? And if you have any at all, does it grow on your butt? And to the people (ironically it’s people who are smartly dressed in work clothes, and students) who mindlessly, naively ‘donate’ thinking that they’re doing a good deed, or a favour, or contributing to society, maybe it’s time for you to wake up your idea. If you truly want to do all of that, make time for it. Not having time is a stupid, lame excuse because even a 5 year-old child can come up with a better one. Do you know what you are doing by giving them your money? You are giving them false hope, that this is a means of sustenance and their livelihood – sapping on others’, sapping on your income. And then they’ll come back for more, all because of you. Same goes to the people who let these people asking for donations have their way just so they would stop pestering you.

Today I happened to walk past another one of them. Well, seeing that her bag was unzipped, I wanted to approach her to tell her that it was left opened. Upon a closer look at the mon(k)ey business she was up to, that whole idea vanished. Just as a middle-aged man (smartly dressed) was about to hand her money, I stopped unhesitatingly to offer her a choice – to leave before I call the security. The exact words? “I don’t think you should be here right, do you want to leave? Or… should I call the security guard?” For a moment she looked confused, perhaps a tinge of fear lingering. Unsure how she should reply, she asked me, “What is your name?” but I continued to proceed to where I was headed towards. She screamed, each time her voice getting a little more booming. Finally, halfway up the escalator, she stopped stomping after me but yelled “selfish”. I do not care whether you’re a normal person, an ex-convict, or “abnormal”. What I know is that this is not nonsense I will tolerate and if you’re trying to make a living, do it with your own abilities and integrity. I despise people like these who make our society a little more filthy. And I am not afraid to say it, because, what makes these people who go about asking for donations different from beggars? Just because you’re holding on to keychains, or merchandise? Or is it because you’re holding on to a “license” (if it’s even valid) that protects your name? At the end of the day, does the money (even) go to the people you claimed to be helping? No? I’m not the selfish one then, it’s people like you. Making robbery seem like it’s a contribution to the society, living in sheer denial, and being accountable to yourself for all of it?

What a joke.


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