Let the flames burn till it’s dawn

Despite the not too good grades for A levels, life has been kind. Blessings are disguised in other forms – people around me who take the effort to craft surprises for my 19th; I must admit this has been the best birthday ever. Celebrating throughout the month of march, with lots of cake, lots of presents, most importantly, wonderful people and lovely company. I feel as if these blessings do much more magic than just being happy pills, because i feel like I’ve recovered from a long-term illness. The past two years have been a living hell, with things hitting an all-time-low. Including my self-esteem, my confidence, my morale, my courage. Feels as if it’s been a drought I’ve been dealing with, as the temporary highs, coming from people who aren’t truly there don’t matter anymore. The toughest time in life is over, gone, with the wind.

It took me long enough to discover new-found hope. And it happened rather abrupt and randomly… Found myself laughing a little more than normal, soldiering through each day with smiles, greetings, exchanging pleasantries. And when I was going home, it struck me – could it be this was the “moving on” phase, for real? Just as the rain that broke the dry spell here in Singapore, this is the exact feeling I experienced. Hope that feels as fresh as the smell of rain, as enlightening as the sound of rain.

Whatever course I enter, I’ll be thankful. I know I will make it through, and whatever I choose will bring me a step closer to achieving my dreams. Servicing myself, service to the community, service to society. And maybe somewhere along the way I could include the word “cafe” in my life too.


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