The “could’ve been”s

While I was out with my girlfriends catching up over dinner last evening, I chanced by the shop where my guy friend’s girlfriend was working at. Seeing her rung a bell in my head; triggering some memories and thoughts, back to 2010. Standing by the escalator for that for some 30 seconds, dazed, I proceeded on with the shopping trip. But the thoughts were still there. So close yet so far, cliche much, but three years ago I really thought that him and I was something possible. Not that I visualized it, or thought about it much. His one sentence gave so much hope, opened a door to many possibilities. “If I didn’t love —, I would’ve liked you.” That’s what he said when he was attached to his previous girlfriend. Back then the way she was treating him was as if he was worthless – and I believed that whoever who was with him would have been one of the luckiest girls on the world, including myself. All I needed was one chance to love him, one chance to be together with him. Until I messed all of it up by befriending his ex-girlfriend and trying to mediate in their relationship when it was on the rocks. Trust me, if you failed at it once, it is very likely you’d end up failing to do so again. And so, against all odds, that happened. Friends that were once so close, but in a few months, drifted so far apart.

Yet, looking at how much he and his current partner blossomed together, I’ve never seen a guy so charming in personality, as well as glowing – like there are angels around him, that he is blessed. I guess if we really love someone, his happiness is all that matters. And we don’t ever stop loving someone after all, do we?


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